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a collection of how the Art and Science of Bouldering is reviewed in the Media, as well as recent interviews with Udo Neumann.

Hi Udo,

I just finished your book Art of Bouldering. I had to write and express my deep and sincere gratitude for such an artful and wise piece of work, which speaks to the heart of bouldering (but also transcends it). While I’m not a high level boulderer, I was inspired and amazed by the bursts of insight and clarity. It was truly a beautiful blend of philosophy and practical advice and I’ve been recommending it to all my climbing friends.

– Justin Goodhart,

Land der Berge 05-14

Land der Berge 05-14

This book is more than a book, it is really a manifesto! I didn’t know it was so long in the making. It is personal, eccentric, and beautifully designed. I love the opening pic about the boulder in ocean…about 20 pages in right now, though I am at work and all I want to do is go climbing right now. I just love the thoughts you provide on the matter, as you could imagine,…brilliant stuff man. This is a work of art itself Udo.

-Francis Sanzaro, author of  „the Boulder, a philosophy of bouldering
Udo Neumann is bouldering R&I#219-The Art and Science of Bouldering2 R&I#219-The Art and Science of Bouldering3

review of the Art & Science of Bouldering in Rock & Ice # 219

Udo Neumann is bouldering

interview with Udo Neumann by

„Right after the award ceremony in Laval we spoke with Udo Neumann. The German coach shared his thoughts on why Jan Hojer and Akiyo Noguchi are the 2014 Overall Champions and talked about route setting, the performance of the German Team and the challenges the IFSC faces. In case you don’t know… Udo Neumann is the creative mind behind the World Cup Reports. He’s also the author of books such as Performance Rock Climbing and The Art and Science of Bouldering. And, of course, since 2009 he’s the coach of the German Bouldering Team. It’s always a pleasure to talk to him, few people on this planet know so much about bouldering as he does. Thanks a lot for the interview Udo!“

in X-LIFE, Hong Kong

in X-LIFE, Hong Kong



review of the Art & Science of Bouldering in the Circuit, OZ

review of the Art & Science of Bouldering in the Circuit, OZ

The new tome on climbing by German legend Udo Neumann raises some interesting questions on training for climbing. Not so much in its content but in its delivery.

You see there are a large number of climbers out there looking for a proscriptive training book that steps them through the process of improvement in micro managed steps. In a way they are looking for somebody else to do the thinking for them, to structure their progression as a climber and possibly even to pass on the blame to if their training fails to raise them to the lofty heights of achievement they envisage.

Udo isn’t looking to give you this in a book. Instead through his new book The Art & Science Of Bouldering he is inviting you to understand the processes involved in a climbers personal evolution as an athlete. For surely having a comprehensive understanding of the principals of climbing advancement will be equip any climber to make educated choices about their own progression.

Please note this is not knocking the other style of training books, the simple truth is people learn in different fashions so as they progress in climbing and for a lot of climbers this free thinking, free flowing style of book will be a godsend!

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review of Udo Neumann’s the Art & Science of Bouldering in KLETTERN (Germany)